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State Senate Passes Foxconn Bill
Marklein endorses plan to bring high-tech manufacturing to WI

MADISON – State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) voted for the Special Session Assembly Bill (SSAB) 1, also known as the Foxconn Bill, on the floor of the Senate today.
“Bringing Foxconn to Wisconsin will change our manufacturing landscape,” Marklein said. “This type of company draws an entirely new universe of investment and innovation. High tech manufacturing has amazing potential and Foxconn is a company poised at the leading edge of innovation.”
“As a constituent told me recently, we need this for our grandchildren. I am proud to support it,” Marklein said. “This deal will touch our entire state, including the 17th Senate District where companies like Rockwell Automation in Richland Center will be a direct supplier to Foxconn. Investing in Foxconn is a good investment for the future of Wisconsin.”
Senator Marklein outlined many of the questions he received and the answers from his research in a column on 8/25/17.
SSAB1 outlines an incentive package to bring a major technology manufacturer called Foxconn to southeastern Wisconsin for a $10 billion manufacturing facility that has the potential to create 13,000 jobs. SSAB1 includes a $3 billion incentive package for the company to entice them to locate in Wisconsin.