Senate Radio Address - Senator Howard Marklein
Do Dairy Month Differently

Hi! This is Senator Howard Marklein.  I represent the 17th Senate District, which is one of the most agricultural districts in our state.
That is why, this June, I am excited to celebrate Dairy Month!
Any other year, I would be volunteering to serve coffee or eggs at one of the many Dairy Breakfasts in my district. But this year, we will be doing it differently.
Even though we can’t share ice cream for breakfast, we must still recognize our farmers and the agricultural supply chain as the backbone of nutrition, economies and livelihoods in our state.
We must still make an effort to understand where our food comes from and make good choices to feed our families.  Now, more than ever, we should buy local, support the farmers in our communities and eat a little bit more cheese.
We should also be investing in agriculture!
Last year, we successfully allocated $8.8 million for UW-Madison, UW-Platteville and UW-River Falls to reprioritize and restore focus on dairy innovation in Wisconsin by creating the Dairy Innovation Hub.
We want Wisconsin to be the worldwide Dairy Superpower!
I am pleased to report that the Dairy Innovation Hub campuses have made huge headway and are already working on innovative research projects. They have strategies to hire necessary faculty and staff to execute big plans and they have connected with advisory groups made up of farmers and dairy industry experts.
This is great news, as we celebrate Dairy Month.
Keep an eye on our progress and let’s make sure that we get a strong return on our investment.