Sen. Marklein's Statement on Veto of Workforce Recovery Legislation

MADISON, WI - Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) made the following statement today following Governor Tony Evers’ veto of Assembly Bill (AB) 366:

“I am very disappointed that Governor Tony Evers has vetoed the Workforce Recovery bill that would have encouraged able-bodied workers to return to work. The Governor says that there is no evidence that Wisconsin is in a workforce crisis. I wonder who he is talking to and where he has been.
Every single employer I have talked to is challenged to find workers. Hard-working employees, who have been stretched very thin, tell me that they are getting tired. From restaurants to manufacturers to city governments to state parks. Every single employer is competing with the government’s unnecessary enhanced unemployment checks.
We need an unemployment safety net. We do not need our unemployment program to be a brick wall for employers.  I am deeply disappointed and concerned by this veto. The Governor is not listening to the people I serve.”
Sen. Marklein co-authored Senate Bill (SB) 345 and AB 336.  This bill would have ended the expansion and extension of federal unemployment compensation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.