Sen. Marklein’s Statement on First Votes on the State Budget

MADISON, WI - Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) made the following statement today as the legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) took the first votes on the 2021-23 State Budget.

“Today, the Joint Committee on Finance took the first votes in the budget process.  We returned to base budget which means that our next budget will begin with the current budget.  This is the spending plan that Governor Evers signed and supported two years ago.

From here, we will build the next state budget by adding to the current budget.  We will focus on reasonable, responsible and realistic priorities to support all Wisconsinites. Our approach takes us back to basics as we build the next state budget.”

The JFC took the following action:

  • Removed 384 divisive policy items from the budget discussion. 
  • Returned our budget discussion to begin with a base budget.  This is the budget that we passed, and the Governor supported and signed, less than two years ago.
  • Adopted some re-estimates  and required spending for several agencies so that we are starting with a very accurate picture of each agency’s needs.
  • Adopted some adjustments to “right-size” government operations and reduce bureaucracy.
  • Finalized the budget for 16 agencies.
  • Approved funding to construct a 50-bed expansion of the Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center to relieve some pressure on Copper Lake and Lincoln Hills.