PDF of Letter to PSC Chairman




Sen. Marklein Asks Public Service Commission for Due Diligence on Proposed Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Project

Letter shares concerns, asks for thorough review

MADISON – Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) sent a letter to the Commissioners of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) on May 15, 2018 seeking a thorough, careful review of the proposed Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line project and shared his concerns about the project. The letter is attached.

Sen. Marklein has received dozens of constituent contacts related to the project. He, and his team, have encouraged the residents of the 17th Senate District to share their concerns with the PSC and to participate in the process.

“While I do not have an extraordinary role in the transmission line approval process, as a taxpayer and voter, I felt it was time to reiterate my concerns and share the concerns of my constituents,” Marklein said. “I have stressed to the residents of the 17th Senate District that the transmission line process is non-political by design. It is structured so that legislators and politicians do not have any specific influence, but they have repeatedly asked me to speak up, so I am doing so today.”

“I share the main concern among my constituents. We want to know whether this powerline project is necessary. Our communities have seen several major powerline projects within the last decade. Many of the residents I represent do not believe that there is a quantifiable need for more transmission. American Transmission Co. (ATC) has told us that there is a need – but we need the PSC to analyze and determine if this is true. I request that the PSC strongly considers whether these lines are necessary to provide power to our residents. I challenge you to seek quantifiable justification for the project from the company during the application process,” Marklein wrote.