Sen. Marklein Announces Plan for $133.6 Million for Local Roads

Madison, WI – Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) made the following statement on his idea to send $133.6 Million to counties and towns for local road maintenance and construction:
“I am proud to be joined by nine of my colleagues in the State Senate to announce a proposed plan to send $133.6 Million of funding to counties and towns to fix local roads. The 17th Senate District will be eligible for $14,057,950! We have 5,057 town road miles in our communities.
For the past several years, our constituents have been telling us – with great passion – that they want us to fix the roads!
While we have made some progress, we know that we can do more.
The plan we are announced today will dedicate meaningful, one-time funding to make significant improvements in our local roads.
We want to help our local leaders to fix the roads right now. 
This plan sends $1 million to each of our 72 counties and provides $1,000 for every mile in every town.  With 61,600 miles of town roads, this brings our total proposal to $133.6 million.
We are proposing to use the surplus funds that we have generated over the last eight years as a result of the positive reforms we have made.  We want to use this one-time money to make a difference in the one thing that ALL of our constituents have told us they want – to fix the roads.
We are asking counties and towns to identify maintenance and construction projects on roads and bridges to apply these funds. They cannot use these dollars to buy vehicles, plow snow or build buildings. These funds are for roads. Pure and simple.
We have the money, we hear our constituents and we are taking action!”