Sen. Howard Marklein Statement on Iowa-Model Redistricting

Senator supports Assembly colleagues in passing Iowa-Model legislation.

Madison, WI - Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) made the following statement today following the Assembly’s passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 415 – the Iowa model for redistricting:

“I have been open to considering the Iowa model for redistricting and I am pleased that we are moving in that direction. I have studied the Iowa model extensively and have communicated with legislators in Iowa about it over the last several years.
I believe that adopting this model will avoid a lot of unnecessary court action and will hopefully bring two very polarized sides of this issue together. This model requires the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) to draw redistricting plans. I think this is a good idea to bring us all together.
In southwest Wisconsin, we can look to our neighbors on the other side of the river and see that it is working well. I am open to the idea and pleased that we are moving in this direction.”