Bill Draft


Rep. Travis Tranel and Sen. Howard Marklein Introduce Anti-Choking Legislation

Madison, WI – Today, Representative Travis Tranel and Senator Howard Marklein introduced legislation that would provide grant funding for school districts to purchase anti-choking devices to help aide adolescent choking victims.
Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury death. Young, school-aged children are particularly vulnerable to choking. Techniques, such as the Heimlich maneuver, are not always successful and can cause injury. This legislation would provide access for school districts to use portable suction devices as a last resort to save a child from choking.                                                                          
“Young children are among the most vulnerable to choking incidents. Schools are where many adolescents spend most of their day so it makes sense to establish this grant program to help school districts purchase these types of devices,” Representative Tranel said.                                                    
The Bruegmann family of Fennimore knows all too well the dangers posed by choking. In 2016, Courtney and Matt Bruegmann lost their beautiful 9-month old son to a choking incident. Classic techniques did not work to save their child. Since the incident, they have been advocating for the placement of anti-choking devices throughout schools to help prevent similar tragedies from occurring.
“The best ideas for legislation come from the experiences of people in our communities,” Senator Marklein said. “Sadly, this idea was developed as a result of an unspeakable tragedy for the Bruegmann family. I am honored they have trusted us to promote life-saving technology in memory of their son. Lives may be saved because of their advocacy.”                                                                                                             
This bill is currently being circulated for co-sponsorship throughout the legislature. Please urge your elected state officials to support this legislation.