Marklein Bills Pass the Senate

MADISON, WI – Sen. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) today announced that seven bills he authored passed the State Senate on Monday, October 25, 2021.
“Seven of my bills passed the State Senate. These bills include legislation to delete obsolete tax credits from state statute, five bills that are part of the Sporting Freedom package and a resolution to celebrate the 185th Anniversary of Wisconsin’s First Territorial Legislature in Belmont,” Sen. Marklein said.
Marklein’s bills that passed today, are:

1.     Senate Bill (SB) 571 – Repeal of obsolete tax credits.

2.     SB 610 – Sporting Freedom – Wild Turkey Hunting

3.     SB 613 – Sporting Freedom – Hunting, fishing and trapping license simplification

4.     SB 615 – Sporting Freedom - Report on access to public lands owned/managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

5.     SB 616 – Sporting Freedom – Dog training licenses on gowild.com

6.     SB 617 – Sporting Freedom – Report on working with the private aquaculture industry.

7.     Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 65 – Celebrating the 185th Anniversary of Wisconsin’s first territorial legislature in Belmont, WI.

“For the last two sessions, I have authored legislation to repeal obsolete tax credits. Over the last five legislative sessions, 1,060 pages of new state statutes were created and added to the current 7,749 pages of the Wisconsin State Statutes. In an effort to keep an orderly and updated set of statutes, this bill will eliminate 14 pages of statutes by removing language associated with six tax credits that are no longer valid,” Marklein said. “The repeal of these tax credits will have no impact on any claimant’s eligibility for these credits. All six of these credits have been sunset. They are no longer valid. My legislation simply cleans up state statute.”
“In addition to unclaimed tax credits, my bills related to sporting freedom were passed. These include simplifying the turkey hunting seasons, reducing the number of hunting and fishing licenses, improving access to public lands, placing dog training licenses on the gowild.com system and requiring a report for ways the DNR may partner with Wisconsin’s private aquaculture industry.”
“The Senate also passed Senate Joint Resolution 65 to celebrate the 185th Anniversary of first meeting of Wisconsin’s first territorial legislature in Belmont. This historic event occurred on October 25, 1836.  Legislators across the Wisconsin Territory traveled to the Town of Belmont to convene the first territorial legislature.  Governor Henry Dodge, who was appointed by President Andrew Jackson to be the Governor of the Wisconsin Territory, honored the Town of Belmont as the temporary seat of government,” Sen. Marklein said.