Marklein Announces Major Money for Local Roads

Madison, WI – Sen. Howard Marklein announced major money for local roads following Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) action on the Department of Transportation (DOT) budget on Tuesday, June 13, 2023.
“Last night we passed a tremendous $1.55 billion transportation budget for Wisconsin with more than $362 million of our investments going into local, rural roads,” Marklein said. “I am very proud of our ongoing commitment to improve local roads, bridges and state highways. We dedicated more of the state’s surplus to this effort than the Governor.”
“I worked hard to send more money to our local governments to fix local roads.  From county highways to town roads, we are making incredible investments in our infrastructure.”
The JFC made the following investments:

  • Local Roads & Bridges - $362.8 million
  • State Highway Improvement - $386.8 million
  • Rail & Harbor Assistance - $22,271,200 more
  • Transit Assistance - Mass Transit - 2% increase. $2,823,000 more, transportation assistance for seniors and individuals with disabilities - $223,000 increase, paratransit aids - $386,700 more.

 We are investing $362.8 million in local roads and bridges.

  • General Transportation Aids (GTA) – counties – 2%/2% increase - $7,566,300
  • GTA – municipalities – 2%/2% increase - $23,863,100
  • Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) Discretionary Supplement - $100 million
  • LRIP general - $4,016,800 (one time)
  • Ag Road Improvement Program (ARIP) - $150 million (one time)
  • Southern Bridge in Brown County - $50 million.
  • Ray Nitschke Bridge - $1.2 million
  • Richland County Hwy O project - $4,180,000
  • Watertown Bridge - $2 million

“We are paying cash for nearly all of our transportation commitments in this budget. We are only bonding for one project worth $352.8 million, compared to the Governor who proposed bonding for $441 million,” Marklein said. “It is unlikely that this bridge project will start in this biennium, so we are making the commitment to keep it on track.”
“Again, I am extremely proud of our work to fix, maintain and build roads and infrastructure.  We have made tremendous progress and continue to listen to our constituents who want us to fix the roads.  This budget answers this call.”