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Governor Signs Four Marklein Bills Into Law
Legislation related to child work permits, agricultural producer security and government reforms signed into law.

MADISON – Governor Scott Walker Signed four bills authored by State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) today.
“I am tremendously proud of the reforms we have accomplished with these four bills,” Marklein said. “It is an honor to work on behalf of family-owned businesses, agricultural producers and start-up businesses to improve state law.”
The bills signed into law today authored by Senator Marklein include:
Act 168 - Senate Bill (SB) 420 – Child Work Permits for Family-Owned Businesses
Allows a minor to be employed without a child labor permit if they are working at a business owned by their parents, guardians or grandparents. Current child work permit exemptions already exist for: agricultural work; domestic employment, work in or around a private home (such as babysitting or yard work), volunteer work for a non-profit agency and work through the Youth Apprenticeship Program.
Act 155 – SB 599 – Agricultural Producer Security
Provides exemptions for those who purchase less than $15,000 of processing vegetables; allows milk producers to defer payment for milk; combines required fund balance thresholds for grain dealers and warehouses; and strengthens DATCPs legal position in reimbursement and bankruptcy proceedings for defaults paid from the Producer Security Trust Fund.
Act 154 – SB 604 – Federal Tax Information Fingerprinting
Requires fingerprinting and background checks for state and local employees who have access to Federal Tax Information (FTI).  State agencies and local governments conduct background checks on their employees or contract workers depending on the nature of the employment or the access to sensitive information during the normal course of business. Recent changes to federal guidelines by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) require an enhanced level of scrutiny. In order to meet the mandatory fingerprinting and background check requirements created by the revised federal guidelines, Wisconsin statutes must reflect this mandate as a condition of employment for state employees and contractors granted access to federal tax information. 
Act 156 - Assembly Bill (AB) 897 – Investing in Early Stage Business
Eliminates an additional fee for a Qualified New Business Venture that is headquartered in Wisconsin, but has incorporated in another state. Wisconsin was the only state to charge this fee before any revenue has been earned.



Sen. Howard Marklein, Jake Wolf, Anna Prange, Alex Richter, Nina Prange, Rep. Todd Novak and Luke Petrovich join Governor Scott Walker for the signing of Act 168 on March 28, 2018.



Sen. Howard Marklein and members of the Cooperative Network join Governor Scott Walker for the signing of Act 155 on March 28, 2018.



Sen. Howard Marklein, Department of Revenue Staff and others who led the legislation through the process join Governor Scott Walker for the signing of Act 154 on March 28, 2018.



Sen. Howard Marklein, Tom Still (Wisconsin Technology Council) and others who led the legislation through the process join Governor Scott Walker for the signing of Act 156 on March 28, 2018.