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Four Marklein Bills Pass The Senate

Legislation initiated by constituents related to Nurse Licensure, EMS License Plates, Family-Owned Businesses and ATV/UTV Routes

MADISON – Four bills authored by State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) passed the State Senate today.  The majority of the proposals were developed from ideas shared by constituents of the 17th Senate District.
“Each of my bills passed today were initiated by individuals whom I represent,” Marklein said. “The best ideas come from those who are living and working in our communities. I am honored and proud to represent innovative and engaged constituents who are willing to share their ideas and do the work to support these bills. They all contributed to the process, testified for the legislation and saw it through.”
EMS License Plates – SB 360 – Brent Brown, a volunteer Firefighter and First Responder from Boscobel asked Sen. Marklein to author legislation to waive the $15 specialty license plate fee for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)-related license plates. Many first responders choose these license plates for their personal vehicles to help identify them when they respond to a scene. These plates are only given to active volunteers and must be surrendered when the volunteer retires from service. SB 360 waives the specialty license plate fee in thanks to the heroes in our community.  Follow this link for more information.
Children Working in a Family-Owned Business – SB 420 – Curtis and Vicki Eberle own the Mixing Bowl Bakery in Sauk City. Their children helped with small tasks at their family-owned business until a customer filed a complaint. SB 420 would allow minors of any age to pitch in and help their parent’s business while keeping necessary safeguards in place. Similar exemptions already exist in the agriculture industry and federal law. Follow this link for more information.
ATV/UTV Routes In Municipalities – SB 392 – Darlington Police Chief Jason King asked Sen. Marklein to author legislation to allow a municipality to decide whether an ATV/UTV route may include a small stretch of road within their boundaries that is also a State Highway. This would only be allowed on roads with speed limits under 35 mph. In Darlington, a small section of Galena Street is also State Highway 23. Prohibiting ATV’s from using this small section of road effectively isolates neighborhoods from legally accessing the city-wide ATV route. Follow this link for more information.
Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact – SB 417 – Sen. Marklein authored this legislation on behalf of 540 nurses in southwest Wisconsin and 112,257 nurses statewide who currently enjoy the benefits of a multi-state compact nursing license. The current Nurse Licensure Compact will expire in January and Wisconsin must take action to join a new, enhanced licensure compact to insure that nurses in our state, and other compact states, continue to receive the benefits of this license such as portability, consistent standards and accountability. Follow this link for more information.
SB 360, SB 420, SB 392 and SB 417 passed the Senate on October 31, 2017.  These bills now move to the Assembly for consideration.