September 8, 2016



City of Dodgeville, MHTC Receive Rural Broadband Expansion Grant


MADISON, WI — State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) is pleased to announce that the City of Dodgeville, partnered with MHTC, has received a Rural Broadband Expansion Grant for $55,360 to bring broadband to the Dodgeville Business Park and future residential development locations.

“In early 2016, I hosted meetings in the 17th Senate District to connect state’s broadband office with communities in the 17th Senate District with limited access to consistent internet service,” Marklein said. “These meetings were driven by recurring requests from community leaders to find ways to improve broadband access for economic development and quality of life for their citizens.  I am pleased to see positive outcomes from these connections.”

The City of Dodgeville and MHTC total project cost is $138,400.  The project is for the “last mile” of infrastructure that currently does not exist.  MHTC already provides wireline and wireless broadband service to much of Dodgeville, but this project extends their reach to the industrial park and future residential development locations.  According to their application, the project will enable MHTC to reach eight existing businesses and 28 potential business sites.

“I am proud of the collaboration to design a project with major potential for economic development in Dodgeville,” Marklein said. “I look forward to seeing the outcome and am inspired to continue to find ways to invest the grants in meaningful projects that will have similar impact throughout the rural communities of Wisconsin.”

“If your community needs connections or support to improve broadband access, please contact my office,” Marklein said. “We will work to provide you with contacts and connections to help you assess your needs, determine your opportunities, share best practices and connect with the partners who can help you move forward.”