Legislative Citations

As your State Senator, I am honored to recognize members of our communities for a wide variety of events and milestones. From retirements to Eagle Scout Awards, I believe it is very important to recognize those who have made a positive contribution to our community.

To request a citation for someone, send the following information to my team and we will work with you to prepare a citation. If our schedules align, I would be honored to present it to the recipient personally.

Please gather the following information and send it to my team:

  • Exact, full Name of the person receiving the citation.
  • Purpose for the citation.
  • Why is the person receiving a citation?
  • What is the person’s background and history? Who are they? Have they held elected office? Are they a community volunteer? Who are they married to? How many children? Etc.
  • What is the story behind the citation and/or recognition? For example – for an Eagle Scout – what was the project? What impact did it have? Etc.
  • The date, time and location where the citation will be presented.
  • The name, phone number and email address of the requester and/or event contact.

Please send requests to: Senator Howard Marklein, P.O. Box 7882, Madison, WI 53707-7882 or sen.marklein@legis.wisconsin.gov


Both American flags and Wisconsin flags are available for purchase. Both flags are made of durable nylon and are approximately 3 feet by 5 feet in size.


Wisconsin State Flags (60.5” x 36” Nylon)
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United States Flags (61” x 34.5” Nylon)
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Cover Folder for 8.5 x 11 Certificate

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$11.25 – 7 Flags $14.61 – 15 Flags $20.73 – 27/28 Flags $ 25.06 – 40 Flags

To order:



Mail checks to: 

Sen. Howard Marklein
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882

Checks should be made out to the State of Wisconsin.

If you would like the flag flown over the Capitol in honor of someone, please specify the name of the person, the occasion, and the date you would like the flag flown. A certificate of commemoration will be mailed back to you with the flag.


Capitol Tours

Madison, Wisconsin is home to the most beautiful and scenic state Capitol in the nation. Started in 1906 and completed in 1917, the Wisconsin State Capitol is located on an isthmus between lakes Mendota and Monona, and stands just a few feet shorter than the Federal Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Each year over five hundred thousand people, including school groups, vacationers, federal legislators, architectural scholars and even foreign heads of state visit our state capitol.

In addition to housing both the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly, the Capitol is home to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the Offices of the Governor and Attorney General and other supporting agencies and staff.

If you are in Madison, you will surely want to include a tour of the Capitol. Free tours are given daily from 9:00-11:00am and 1:00-4:00pm.

Book your Capitol Tour online.