State Senator Janis Ringhand statement on Republican conspiracy theory bills

“Wisconsin has always worked to ensure that every person who is eligible to vote, has an opportunity to do so. For decades, both Democratic and Republican clerks have made sure that our elections are accurate, fair and transparent. Our clerks deserve a lot of credit for Wisconsin leading the nation in voter turnout and running elections that serve as a model for states who want to increase public participation.

Now, Republicans are chasing wild conspiracy theories and false narratives to cover up the fact that Donald Trump lost. Rather than accept that Trump lost, Republicans are pushing the Big Lie and passing legislation that makes it harder for people to exercise their right to vote.

It is one thing for Republicans to promote their wild conspiracy theories with their political base. It is another thing to make it harder for people to vote and attack our municipal clerks in order to appease people who refuse to believe that Donald Trump lost the election and believe he will be reinstated this summer.”