Department of Transportation Releases US 12 Whitewater Bypass Road Safety Audit


Last year after several serious accidents including two fatal crashes at the intersection Highway 12 and

Walworth Avenue, local leaders met with the Department of Transportation to discuss what needs to be

done to improve safety at the intersection. The Department of Transportation conducted a study and

has released its final recommendations. Among the Department’s recommendations for the Walworth

Ave intersection are:


 WisDOT plans to upgrade the traffic signal equipment in 2020.


 Continue to monitor intersection, specifically the northbound left-turn movement. Consider

protected-only left-turn phasing for the northbound left-turn movement if the crash problem



 Utilize portable video cameras to assess the adequacy of the turn lane lengths to accommodate

peak queues.


“I’d like to thank the Department of Transportation for their work on making the Walworth Avenue

intersection safer and also for evaluating the safety of the bypass between Walworth Avenue to Cox

Road. Ultimately, I believe that the bypass should be made four lanes but in the meantime the

improvements recommended by the department are welcome,” said Senator Ringhand.


Last August in order to address immediate safety concerns, the Department of Transportation put a

flashing yellow arrow light on the problematic left turn lane drivers on Highway 12 use to get to

Walworth Avenue.


“The flashing yellow lights have greatly improved the safety of this intersection,” stated Representative

Vruwink who added that “there hasn’t been a serious crash since the flashing yellow arrow lights were



Here is a link to complete report.