January 14, 2021
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COVID-19 Bill

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I’m State Senator Joan Ballweg.

We’re two weeks into the new legislative session and things are already moving at a quick pace.

You’ve seen in the news that the Senate passed an amended version of the COVID-19 bill. This sends our version back to the Assembly for consideration.

Arriving at this point has involved many hours of conversation and negotiations between leadership in the Senate, Assembly and the governor’s office.

What was passed this week is a bill that will be signed by the governor, containing important provisions that continue special extensions for unemployment insurance, prescription drug access and work permits from the first COVID bill.

Most importantly, this bill contains liability protections that will give much needed coverage to our schools, churches and businesses from frivolous lawsuits.

There’s been a lot of talk about how our bill effects the state’s ability to mandate the COVID vaccine. Current state law allows for individual religious and medical exemptions from vaccines. The Senate bill we passed keeps those important protections in place. This bill doesn’t allow government to compel you to get a vaccine.

This bill is a starting point. With assurances from the governor that he will sign this bill, we can move on to other important pieces that are not guaranteed to be signed by the governor.

These include ensuring children are able to be in the classroom, that individuals won’t fear their church closing and that local government maintains the appropriate checks and balances within their county.

If you have any questions on this or any other piece of legislation, please contact my office.

Thanks for watching, have a great Wisconsin day.

Agricultural Enterprise Areas

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection designated two areas in the 14th Senate District as Agricultural Enterprise Areas (AEA). These areas are important to Wisconsin's agricultural future and enables landowners to sign farmland preservation agreements to keep that land in the ag community for years to come. 

The first designation includes 19,725 acres in the towns of St. Marie and Princeton in Green Lake County. The goals for this AEA is to support local food production and markets. The second designation includes 18,203 acres in the town of Westford in Dodge County. This AEA is looking to promote nutrient management planning to reduce sediment and phosphorus runoff. 

Congrats to these two counties for joining the other 45 AEAs in Wisconsin. To submit a 2021 AEA application, visit the DATCAP website.

DNR Free Fishing Weekend

Looking for an excuse to get out of the house this winter? The Wisconsin DNR Winter Free Fishing weekend is this Saturday and Sunday, January 16th & 17th. It's a great time to try ice fishing without needing a license or trout stamp! 

Anyone heading out can fish all water bodies in the state where there is currently an open season. However, all other regulations apply such as bag limits, the size of fish you can keep and releasing certain types of species. 

Also, make sure to check ice conditions before you pack up your gear. Learn more about ice safety here

If you decide you want to fish beyond this weekend, buy a fishing license here

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