• Governor's Proposed Budget 
  • Caller ID legislation 
  • Kwik Trip at the Capitol 

Governor's Proposed Budget Disappointing 

Thursday evening Governor Evers presented his budget proposal in a joint session of the Legislature.

Thanks to the last eight years of careful budgeting and tough decisions, Wisconsin’s economy is in great shape.  Governor Evers was presented with a great starting point. Our financial situation is the best it’s been in a generation. That’s why it’s beyond disappointing than build on our momentum, he chose to craft a spending plan that would blow up our economy and return us to days of deficits and skyrocketing taxes.

Before he was elected, Governor Evers said he wasn’t going to raise taxes. That’s why it was jaw dropping that his proposal will increase taxes by over a billion dollars in the next two years. Governor Evers called on bringing people together. He calls it the “People’s Budget”. It spends beyond our means at a time when we don’t have to. Wisconsin has a surplus from the current budget and new money coming in. We don’t need to jack up taxes or increase spending by $6 billion, as the governor just outlined. In addition, property taxes would also shoot up. It wasn’t a budget proposal, it was a liberal wish list of spending that is completely irresponsible. Rather than making an effort to work together on issues of common ground, Governor Evers included divisive items that should be debated separately and not included in a spending plan. These include starting the road to legalized marijuana, increasing the minimum wage, repealing Right to Work, reinstating prevailing wage, reinstating state funding for Planned Parenthood and giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants just to name a few.

Governor Evers drastically called for expanding welfare programs and what’s worse, wants to remove accountability in those programs by removing work and drug testing requirements we put in place. He also called for taking away educational opportunities from parents by capping the parental school choice program for low income families. He knows this would never fly with me and my Republican colleagues, yet he chose the path of divisiveness rather than bipartisanship.

This is beyond disappointing.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you about the ideas that Governor Evers has put forward and I will be closely following the Joint Committee on Finance as they hold listening sessions and gather input for the budget. I will be holding in-district listening sessions as the budget moves forward, I will include information on those here, as well as on social media.


Caller ID Scams

This week I co-sponsored a bill authored by Representative Sanfelippo, which deals with caller identification spoofing. Under the bill, no person may knowingly transmit misleading or inaccurate caller ID information. This is an example of where the law has not kept up with the technology criminals are using, and I am grateful that this bill will update Wisconsin's criminal code to include these types of crimes.

The bill makes an exception for authorized activities of law enforcement and courts. 

Click here to learn about potential scams targeting  Wisconsinites or to reach the consumer protection hotline. 

Kwik Trip 

kwik trip meeting.jpg

Thank you to local managers of Kwik Trips for stopping by to discuss issues important to their business. They are a Wisconsin family owned business and I admire their commitment to hiring individuals with disabilities.