Governor Evers Vetoes Pro Life Package

As many of you may already know, I'm a father of a daughter with Down syndrome. She is such a blessing and proof that every life has a purpose regardless of the situation a person is born into. No matter one's sex, health, or race, they deserve a chance to live their life. 

SB 593 would have prohibited these types of abortions had Governor Evers chose to do the right thing rather than appease the extreme part of his caucus with his veto pen.

While I'm not surprised, I am disheartened the governor chose to prevent this and other life saving bills from become law.

SB 591 would have required physicians to tell women seeking a chemical abortion or the abortion pill that the procedure may possibly be reversed. This is vital information for any woman who may have second thoughts on terminating her pregnancy. 

SB 16 ordered doctors who are present when a baby survives an abortion to "exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child" as they would to any other baby of the same gestational age.

SB 503 would have prohibited abortions to be funded by BadgerCare.

SB 592 would have required the physician who administered the prenatal or postnatal test that identified a congenital condition also provides the parent with educational and supportive resources on that congenital condition available to them.

"Safe, legal and rare" used to be the phrase many pro abortion advocates would use when discussing their view of abortion. Governor Evers with his veto pen showed he does not hold this same view.

Governor Says No to Parents

Finding out what your child is learning in school shouldn't be a difficult task, however our governor feels differently. He recently vetoed SB 463, a bill that would have provided curriculum transparency. Under this bill, certain information such as syllabi, outlines, and handouts created by the school board or a teacher must be posted online. In addition, school districts must also post any district policies or procedures for reviewing or approving these materials and activities.

Students benefit from parents taking an active involvement in their education. Governor Evers of all people should know this, however he decided to bend to the will of school administrators rather than parents.

This is a setback, but it is not a total loss. The good news is parents in WI know they have legislators on their side who want to include them in the education of their child. As we've recently seen across the country, parents are becoming more involved in their child's education. As we've seen in Virginia, if politicians stand in the way of parents and schools, the parents will ultimately win. 

 Rep. Born and I had the pleasure of doing a Q&A session with business owners and Beaver Dam city officials.