• Fixing a Broken Rule
  • Defending Your Second Amendment Rights

Fixing a Broken Rule

On June 23rd, the State Senate passed Assembly Bill 383 in a voice vote to allow students who transferred because of Covid-19 to not have to sit out of sports for a year. The Bill passed the Assembly on Tuesday, June 22nd and is awaiting the signature of Governor Evers.

I drafted this legislation after becoming aware of a WIAA policy that prohibits students from playing high school sports for a year if they transfer to another school. My bill will create an exemption to this rule for the 2020-2022 school years for students who transferred from a school based on how their education was delivered.

Last year was very difficult for our students. Some adjusted to learning virtually while others struggled academically and mentally due to the isolation that was forced on them. These students who transferred in order to not fall behind academically should not be punished for a decision that was made in the best interest of their education.

A year was already lost to Covid-19 and its affects are going to be felt longer than necessary for many student athletes if we don't fix this problem. We have heard from  state and federal officials about how important it is to get back to normal. My bill will help our students do just that.

Families can call Governor Evers at 608-266-1212 to encourage him to sign Assembly Bill 383 into law.

Defending Your Second Amendment Rights

President Biden and his allies have signaled their desire to infringe on your Second Amendment rights. He's looking at every possible way from applying excessive taxes on ammunition to outright bans on many types of firearms.

If he is allowed to go unchecked, it will be up to the states to defend one of your most basic rights.

Last Thursday, the Senate passed AB 293. This legislation would make Wisconsin a Second Amendment sanctuary state if signed into law.

The bill has several mechanisms that would keep WI from assisting the federal government in enforcing any unconstitutional mandates.

AB 293 calls for:

Wisconsin firearm manufacturers to be directed to include a stamp reading “Made in Wisconsin” or something similar to keep them out of the regulatory authority given to the federal government under the Interstate Commerce Clause of the US Constitution.

Prohibit anyone from enforcing a federal act, law, statute, rule, regulation, treaty, or order that takes effect after January 1, 2021 and subjects them to a Class A misdemeanor if it does any of the following:

Bans or restricts: semi-automatic firearms, assault weapons, or magazines

Requires registration of: firearms, magazines, or other firearm accessories

Regulates the capacity of magazines or regulates the quantity of ammunition or bullets one may possess

Prohibits types of ammunition

Requires the confiscation of a firearm

Lastly, it prohibits any state agency or other body in state government and any local governmental unit from spending money or using other resources to confiscate a firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition that is lawfully possessed under the laws of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is not alone in this. 15 states already have some form of this legislation enacted and I expect more will follow.