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Ex Corde

The title of this section is Latin for "from the heart." SB 538 and AB 539 makes changes to organ transplant law that currently allows a person to be denied a transplant based on a diagnosed disability. As a parent of a daughter with Down syndrome, you can understand why this issue is so important to me. People regardless of their disability are as human as anyone else. They are valuable and deserving of equal treatment. Sadly, denying them a life saving organ transplant sends the opposite message.

Recently I testified before the Assembly and Senate Committees on Health on a bill I coauthored with Rep. Born and the Brownsville family who experienced seeing a loved one denied a transplant.

Here is a link to a video of that testimony.

Other bills I mentioned in earlier updates also received a public hearing. I'm confident both SB 585, SB 587 will receive support from committee members and be up for a vote before the full Senate in the near future.

Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Package

Recently the Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Package of bills was introduced. The goal of these bills to increase opportunity for hunting and fishing, reduce regulatory burden on hunters and anglers and provide better oversight over how our state manages its income earned from these sportsmen.

Wisconsin's hunters and fishermen have a significant impact on our state. From boosting our economy to being partners in resource management, they are extremely important to preserving our state's heritage.

I'm proud to have a bill be included to help strengthen such an important element of Wisconsin. For all the land owned and managed by the Department of Natural Resources, little is known about their priorities and goals for the habitat they manage. My bill simply asks the DNR to create a plan every two years to outline these plans and priorities alongside the state budget process. This information is needed as the Legislature addresses their overall budget and programs such as Stewardship. The Department must also report progress against this plan annually to the Natural Resources Board.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions.

I had a great time meeting with the students from Oconomowoc!