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  • Addressing Discriminatory Covenants and Deed Restrictions in Wisconsin
  • Busy Day in the Senate

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Addressing Discriminatory Covenants and Deed Restrictions in Wisconsin

It's hard to believe this is a reality in 2021, but offensive, discriminatory language once used in covenants can still be found in deeds, subdivision restrictions and covenants throughout Wisconsin. While it is illegal to base restrictions on race, many title records and title commitment have not been updated to erase the bigoted language they originally contained.

I will be introducing legislation to allow any register of deeds(ROD) that discovers the offending language and would like to eliminate it, or any ROD that receives the statutory form making a request for elimination, to remove the language at that time. 

This bill will be released for co-sponsorship in the near future for other legislatures to sign their name in support of the legislation.

Busy Day in the Senate

Last week the Senate passed a number of bills. Below I have included several that were the most significant:

SB-016-This bill requires any health care provider present at the time an abortion or
attempted abortion results in a child born alive to administer life saving measures.

SB-366-Any person who commits an act of animal abuse is guilty of a Class H felony if the animal abuse results in grievous bodily harm to or the death of the animal and is guilty of a Class I felony if the person knows or reasonably should know that the animal abuse may result in grievous bodily harm to or the death of an animal, regardless of
whether grievous bodily harm or death occurs.

SB-373-Requires the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to create an online portal that displays financial data collected from all school districts, county children with disabilities education boards, and independent charter schools.

SB-398-Adds September 11 to the list of special observance days that apply to general school operations..  

SB-463-This bill requires each school board to post on the home page of its internet site information related to learning materials and educational activities used for pupil instruction.