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Working to End Homelessness

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Multiple surveys have found that most American families are three missing paychecks away from homelessness. It is for this reason I am proud to have voted this week on a legislative package to help combat homelessness in Wisconsin.

Assembly Bills 234, 235, 236, and 237 work to create an inter-agency council on homelessness to allow for better coordination with strategies, services and funding, allow for more efficient use of current funds and create a pilot program to connect homeless adults with permanent employment and allow the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) to prioritize chronically homeless individuals and families for housing vouchers.

These bills passed with bipartisan support and now move onto the Senate.

H.O.P.E. Agenda

The Heroin, Opioid Prevention and Education (H.O.P.E.) agenda saw another two bills pass the Assembly this week. Special Session Assembly Bill 3 expands immunity granted to those who call for emergency assistance when someone is experiencing a heroin or opioid overdose. The goal of this legislation is simple – to save lives and ensure that no one refuses to get emergency help for someone suffering from an overdose.

Special Session Assembly Bill 5 extends the comprehensive treatment programs established by the Department of Health Services (DHS) – currently provisions such as voluntary treatment, emergency and involuntary commitment procedures and other treatment services are limited to those suffering from alcohol addiction.

Heroin and Opioid addiction have already impacted too many Wisconsinites, and I will continue to work towards ending this epidemic in our state.

Surveys are on their way

You may have already received a survey from my office. These provide invaluable information to me on what matters to you as we move into the budget. So please take a moment to fill it out, and if you want to save a stamp you can click here to fill it out online.

Office Hours

Senator Fitzgerald and I are doing joint office hours on Monday, May 8th. These local listening sessions are a great opportunity to meet in district and discuss the issues that are important to you. 


10:00 A.M.

Bristol Town Hall 

7747 County Road N

Sun Prairie, WI


12:30 P.M. 

Watertown Municipal Building 

106 Jones Street

Watertown, WI