• Reforming Foster Care
  • Drivers for Veterans
  • Facebook Changes 

Reforming Foster Care

     In 2017 a bipartisan task force of legislators convened to study issues affecting the Wisconsin foster care system. Holding hearings throughout the state, legislators heard from those affected and it help generate ideas for improving the child welfare system. The input led to 13 bills being introduced. Among other things they will increase grants for foster kids to attend UW System or Technical Colleges, establish a committee to examine social worker caseloads and make recommendations for statewide standards, and creating a grant program that supports foster parents. To read the task force’s full report click here.

     These reforms will help address some of the challenges facing children in the system. All of Wisconsin’s children deserve stability, safety, love, encouragement and opportunities for their future. I look forward to supporting these reforms as they make their way through the legislative process. 

     It was startling to learn that heroin/opioid crisis has led to the need for more foster care options for children of addicts. 

     The task force is another example of the bipartisan work being done at the Capitol. 

Drivers For Veterans


Jefferson County is currently looking for volunteer drivers to take veterans to appointments at the VA hospital in Madison. The county launched their veteran van shuttle in 2009 and it currently services home-bound and other veterans. Volunteer drivers pick up veterans at their homes and take them to the hospital and return them to their residences. Volunteers can set up parameters on when they are available.

Qualifications for volunteers are:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a clean driving record with no operating while intoxicated citations in the last 10 years
  • Pass a required physical assessment, background check and fingerprint process and TB screening
  • Complete an application, orientation and ride-along.

If you are interested please contact the Jefferson County Veterans Service Office at 920-674-7240.



Facebook Changes

If you want to know what’s happening in the District and in Madison, you can follow me on Facebook. However, Facebook recently changed their algorithms so you may need to change your preferences to keep seeing my content.

To do that you will need to go to settings, then “news feed preferences.” Click “prioritize who to see first” and choose which friends and pages you would like to appear in the top of your newsfeed. Click on me and your other favorites and enjoy the “Badger Facts We All Should Celebrate” I have been posting lately.