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  • Legislator of the Year Award


Thursday the Wisconsin State Assembly met for a special session to take up legislation related to Foxconn. The measure passed with bipartisan support. A number of you contacted my office, and I voted in favor of it for the following reasons:

This project will transform our state in so many ways. The first step is in construction of the Foxconn facility. Tens of thousands of construction workers and thousands of engineers will be required to create one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world. An estimated $5.7 billion will be for construction and equipment sourced from Wisconsin businesses.

Inside, the facility will house 13,000 workers. People who will be earning an average salary of nearly $54,000, plus benefits. And the economic impact doesn’t stop there. Our children will be able to graduate from the UW and find jobs in our state. The employees at Foxconn will need places to live, to eat, and to shop.

With a deal of this magnitude, it is important that our investment is protected.

It is.

Foxconn will not get a dime of the incentive package until a shovel is in the ground and people are hired. If they fail to live up to their obligations, or something changes, the state is protected by either not paying out incentives or with the claw back provisions to get funds back.

Several people have reached out to me about environmental concerns. Steps have been taken to protect our invaluable natural resources. All air and water standards still apply. In fact, if any wetlands are effected, the mitigation is even better than current law. Mitigation for wetlands is currently done at the ratio of 1.2 acres for every 1 acre disrupted. For Foxconn, it will be at a ratio of 2:1.

I have said many times before that government doesn’t create jobs. Instead, we can create an environment for job creation. The fact that this company even considered our state is validation of the changes we have made in Wisconsin the last several years.

Safety First During Eclipse


The Wisconsin DOT issued a special statement reminding citizens to be cautious on Monday. Due to the eclipse there will be limited light and drivers are encouraged to use their low-beam headlights. Also, if you want to view the eclipse please pull over.

It is also important to note that the only safe way to look at the eclipse is through special solar filtered glasses. Permanent eye damage cannot be felt while it is occurring and can happen in under 10 minutes. The potential for eye damage is so severe that people are encouraged to keep pets indoors since animal’s eyes may be affected to. To learn more click here to be re-directed to NASA’s safety tips.


Legislator of the Year 



I am honored to have been named the 2017 Legislator of the Year by the American Legion of Wisconsin’s Third District. The bill I authored to make November 11th, Veterans Day, a state legal holiday has passed the Senate but awaits action in the Assembly. I will continue to keep you updated on this important legislation to honor our state’s veterans.