• Middle Class Tax Cut 
  • HIRE Vets Program

Middle Class Tax Cut

The Middle Class Tax Cut (Assembly Bill 4) went before both houses of the legislature this week, passing along party lines and advancing to the Governor’s desk. Governor Evers called for a tax cut, and the legislature agreed. He said it should go to the middle class, and how much it should be. Again, we agreed. It is on his desk now; the only difference is how to pay for it. We think it should be paid for by the surplus – it’s the people’s money, give it back to them. Governor Evers would like to tax others; his idea isn’t a tax cut, it’s a redistribution. The Democratic proposal is not fully funded, in fact it falls short by $400 million.

If you are interested in this legislation, I encourage you to reach out to Governor Evers’ office and let him know that you would like to see tax cuts for the middle class.

HIRE Vets Medallion Program


Are you an employer who works to hire our nation’s heroes? The Department of Labor established the HIRE Vets Medallion Program in 2017 to recognize employer efforts to recruit, employ and retain veterans. The program also helps veterans identify employers in their area who are hiring and committed to helping those who have served their country. The program is open to employers of all sizes and has different tiers of award. Applications for the program are being accepted now. Click here if you’d like to learn more.