State Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) issued the following statement
regarding Governor Walker’s State of the State Address:
“Wisconsin is clearly heading in the right direction. The $3.6 billion deficit of last session has
been replaced with a surplus thanks to tough-- but necessary decisions. Now it’s time to
continue the momentum.
“I look forward to seeing details in the upcoming budget concerning income tax relief. Putting
money back into the hands of middle class families will help fuel the economy and keep the state
moving forward.
“I was pleased to hear Governor Walker make commitments to expanding the number of choices
families have when it comes to their children’s education. In order for every child to have access
to a great education, we need to give parents the ability to seek out alternatives to schools that
are failing.
“I think the governor laid out a bold path for Wisconsin. I look forward to going through the
budget process to see these shared goals become a reality.”