Madison-State Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) says the 2013-15 State Budget that Governor Scott Walker signed into law yesterday will help move Wisconsin forward. 
“The budget that goes into effect today provides nearly $1 billion in tax relief for hard working families, $322 million in additional state aid for public schools, and invests $100 million in workforce development to help put more people back to work,” Jagler said. “In addition to holding the line on property taxes, the income tax cut included in the budget is the largest tax cut in 14 years.”
The largest income tax rate reductions go to those making between $15,000 and $50,000. The tax reform plan also streamlines and simplifies Wisconsin’s complex tax code by collapsing the state’s five income tax brackets into four.
In addition to providing more money for public education in Wisconsin, the budget expands the school choice program statewide and provides a tax deduction for parents who send their kids to private schools.
“This income tax deduction, $4,000 for each student K-8 and $10,000 for each child in high school, will be a tremendous help for people in the 37th Assembly District,” Jagler said.  “For instance, in Watertown, roughly 60-percent of all elementary students and over 40-percent of all students attend a private school. This tax deduction is money right back into the hands of those families.”
The budget also freezes tuition at all UW System schools for two years and expands course options for the new Flexible Option Degree Program.
“The bold decisions made by the previous legislature eliminated a $3.6 billion budget deficit and provided Wisconsin with a surplus,” Jagler said. “I am pleased that we chose to give that money back to the people to speed our recovery along even faster.”