Sen. Jagler Votes to Increase Ballot Integrity


Madison...Yesterday, Senator John Jagler (R-Watertown) voted to strengthen Wisconsin voting laws by supporting Senate Bills 204, 205 and 209 on the Senate Floor. SB 203 secures absentee ballot applications, SB 205 addresses absentee in long-term care facilities and SB 209 regulates the use of ballot “dropboxes”.  

“I was proud to join my Senate colleagues in addressing several of the concerns brought to us by voters on how to secure our elections,” said Jagler. “Last Fall, too many questions were raised about our election system and it was a top priority to identify and address these issues. The bills we voted on were part of a continued effort to bring integrity back to our elections.” 

In addition to the bills passed yesterday, Senate Bill 203 and Senate Bill 212 which passed last month, directly addressed the issue of the “Democracy in the Park” event last year in Madison and remedies the issue of local clerks filling in missing information on absentee ballot certificates. 

“Democracy in the Park opened so many questions about the integrity of the election process in Madison and needed to be addressed.” Jagler continued, “Securing our ballots and holding our elections officials accountable needs to be a top priority. The security of our absentee ballots and applications needs to be paramount. Their increased use during the pandemic only highlighted the need to address this issue.” 

The issue of election integrity continues to be a top priority for the Legislature with the Legislative Audit Bureau reviewing the results as well as several other investigations addressing the issue. Additional bills on election integrity are likely to be forthcoming.