MadisonState Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) released to following statement concerning Governor Walker’s Budget Address:
“I am encouraged by the path laid out by Governor Walker tonight.  The governor’s spending plan gives us a great starting point as we strive to protect taxpayers and our most vulnerable citizens while improving the state’s job creation environment.
 “I look forward to diving deeper into the details and making improvements as the budget process moves forward.”
Tax Relief:
"Governor Walker has made a significant effort to ease the income tax burden on every taxpayer in the state, especially the middle class.  Our middle class tax burden is one of the highest in the nation.   The permanent cuts in this budget will lead to savings of $1.7 billion statewide over the next ten years, or over $1000 for the typical family.  Putting more money back in our wallets will help stimulate our economy.”
“Governor Walker’s proposed budget rewards schools that are doing well and at the same time gives resources to those that aren’t meeting expectations.  I am very pleased the governor is looking at giving more parents the ability to choose the best option for their children’s education.  Every child deserves a great education.  Expanding the school choice program to students in districts that aren’t performing well isn’t just good policy, it’s the right thing to do.”
Special Needs Scholarship:
“Most parents of kids with special needs, including myself, are happy with the education their children are receiving.  However, having a teenage daughter with Down syndrome, I know that children with special needs face unique challenges.  In some cases, those challenges aren't being met and providing these scholarships will help ensure those children have more options to receive the great education they deserve."