State Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) has signed on as a co-sponsor of a
bill to reform Wisconsin’s mining regulations. The mining bill was introduced today in both the
Assembly and the State Senate.
“This bill is an important one for all of Wisconsin,” Jagler said. “It will create jobs for
generations in northern Wisconsin and will also have an impact in southeast part of the state
where mining equipment is manufactured.”
Reforming the state’s antiquated mining regulations will bring thousands of jobs to Wisconsin.
A study from NorthStar Economics, Inc. revealed that a new iron ore mine in northern
Wisconsin could generate more than 2,800 total long term jobs in the state and have a $2 billion
economic impact for our state.
“I am confident this legislation will reform Wisconsin’s archaic mining regulations while at the
same time protect our environment,” Jagler said. “It was disappointing that a mining bill failed
to pass last session. I look forward to voting on this important jobs bill.”
“A miner is depicted on our state flag, it’s why we are called the Badger State and it is an
important part of our history. With thisbill, mining will be part of our future in an
environmentally responsible way.”