Madison- State Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) is calling for the removal of up to a
million dollars in funding intended for the installation of color changing LED lights on
Milwaukee's Hoan Bridge.
The aesthetic lights are included in the budget for the Department of Transportation's $278
million Hoan Bridge rehabilitation project. They would light up the arc of the bridge and be able
to change colors.
"It is staggering to me that projects in the 37th Assembly District are being delayed because of a
lack of funding while up to a million dollars is being allocated to make the Hoan Bridge pretty,"
Jagler said. "A safety project in Ixonia has been pushed back a year and highways through
Columbus are crumbling but we have money for this?"
Jagler plans on introducing a budget amendment to have the LED funding removed from the
project, which is scheduled to begin by the end of the year. He has also asked the department
how much money would be required to maintain the lights.
"These lights are for looks only and serve no safety purpose," Jagler said. "The funding for the
lights is nearly identical to the amount needed for the project on Highway 16, which has now
been delayed a year. Improving safety at an intersection which has seen dozens of accidents
with injuries and several fatalities in recent years should take priority."