Madison- Rep. John Jagler (R-Watertown) applauded the Joint Committee on Finance for rejecting Governor Walker’s budget recommendations which sought to make significant alterations to state long term care programs such as IRIS and FamilyCare. The committee instead recommended for the Department of Health Services to seek a waiver from the federal government to make limited reforms only after public and stakeholder input. The changes must include self-directed care, such as the IRIS program and preserve ADRC services.

This is great news,” Jagler said. “I am so thankful the chairs of the Joint Finance Committee agreed with those of us concerned about Governor Walker's proposed changes to Family Care and the elimination of IRIS.”
“Change in these programs which serve our most vulnerable is always unnerving,” Jagler said. “Change without clear information can be terrifying. Some things in the governor's proposal were intriguing, but I agree with those who have called my office saying a closer look was needed. I am happy we are slowing things down and will get everyone back to the table as we move forward.”
The finance committee's recommendations now go to the full legislature for consideration.