Madison – Today Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) voted in favor of expanding workforce training programs throughout the state in order to help workers develop the specialized skills needed to fill currently available jobs. Eight worker training bills were passed on bipartisan votes during today’s floor session.
There are a good number of job opportunities throughout the state that require specific skills for employment, but not enough trained workers to fill them. The workforce development package that we passed today should help us close the skills gap and improve the business climate throughout our state,” said Jagler. “I was pleased to see widespread bipartisan support for these measures. Though it may not always be front page news, both parties have been working together to move Wisconsin forward.”
The bills passed by the Assembly intend to:

  • Help unemployed workers maintain their qualifications with on-the-job training
  • Support grants and scholarships that help defray the cost of technical education and apprenticeship programs
  • Incentivize high schools to promote high-demand technical education programs in their own curriculum
  • Streamline the process of scheduling an exam to become licensed, something that can often take weeks or months after the completion of training

“Over 11,000 new businesses have been created in Wisconsin since Assembly Republicans took the majority in 2011. I am confident that even more businesses will start up or move to our state if our workforce has the skills necessary to thrive in a competitive economy,” Jagler said.
The workforce training bills also passed in the State Senate today. They will now head to the Governor for his approval.