Madison-Today State Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown) introduced a bill that would require high schools in Wisconsin to report basic crime data on the annual state report card.
"As a parent, I want to know what is going on in my kid’s school, beyond academics," Jagler said. "Providing information on crimes committed on school property gives parents a clearer picture of what kind of learning environment the students are entering. Currently, this information isn’t available."
Jagler’s proposal would follow established protocols colleges and universities are required to use under federal law. The data would be reported on the school report card listing crimes per 100 students, violent crimes per 100 students and the state average for both figures. It would affect all public high schools, charter schools and schools participating in the school choice program.
"Parents are already finding this data important as they make decisions on where to send their kids to college," Jagler said. "As families continue to have more educational choices in Wisconsin, it’s imperative that we give parents data to make informed decisions at the high school level as well."
Personal information concerning the crimes is not included in the reporting and the bill makes it clear that the crime statistics reported are not included in the determination of a school or district’s performances on the annual accountability report.