Madison –Governor Walker signed two of State Representative John Jagler’s (R-Watertown) bills into law today.

The first bill (AB 56) requires that the University of Wisconsin System issue an annual report to the legislature and Department of Instruction identifying the high schools that were attended by students who needed to take remedial college math and English courses.
According to data provided by the UW Board of Regents, more than one in five students enrolling in the UW System is required to take remedial classes in order to be fully prepared for the rigors of college. The students are required to pay for the remedial courses, but don't receive college credit for them.
"I've heard from many parents who were stunned to learn that despite getting good enough grades to get into a UW system school, their kids aren't prepared to start their college career," Jagler said. "My hope is that by shining a light on what schools these students attended, discussions can begin at the local and state level on finding solutions to better prepare students for higher education."
The second bill (AB 100) signed by the governor would allow motorcycles to be equipped with colored LED lights that illuminate the ground directly underneath them. It was co-sponsored by State Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau).
"These lights are growing in popularity, but many bikers are finding out that they are illegal to ride with them on," Jagler said. "From a safety standpoint, it makes sense to allow these lights so the motorcycles have increased visibility."
The new law prohibits the use of colors used by first responders, such as red, blue, amber and also prohibits oscillating and rotating lights.