Governor Walker hands State Representative John Jagler a pen used to sign Act 23 into law. 
Madison – Governor Scott Walker signed two bills into law today at the Wisconsin State Capitol authored by State Representative John Jagler (R-Watertown). 
Act 23 requires the state Dwelling Code Council to review, update and report on the building codes for one and two family dwellings in Wisconsin every six years. It will give assurances to builders and consumers and will help ensure Wisconsin continues to build high quality and safe homes. 
"Currently, state statute doesn't give a time frame for when the building codes are reviewed," Jagler said. "This bill will allow the builders to concentrate on what they do best, build homes. It will also ensure that consumers will know that their homes will be built to the codes they were permitted for rather than have changes made during the construction process."
Act 30 relates to the designation and marking of a specified highway route in the counties of Jefferson, Dodge, Rock, Dane, and Fond du Lac as the Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route. The signs would be paid for by charitable groups and organizations and the measure prohibits the Department of Transportation from expending any state or federal funds to erect or maintain them.
"This bill will allow for local municipalities to, if they wish, highlight points of interest along the Rock River," Jagler said. "This dual state effort with Illinois will encourage local groups to work with cities and towns along the route to promote tourism along this natural treasure."
Both bills passed both houses with bipartisan support on voice votes. "I was very pleased to work with representatives and senators on both sides of the aisle as these bills worked their way through the legislative process," Jagler said. "Often times, the bickering at the capitol is what makes the headlines, but I am trying very hard to reach across the party lines to improve our state."