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June 5, 2019

Protecting Children

Today, the Wisconsin State Senate will debate and pass four very important Pro-Life bills.  I am a proud cosponsor of these bills, since they reflect the strongly held values of my constituents in the 11th Senate District.  Sadly, in recent months we have seen a horrifying national effort by many Democrats to implement new policies promoting abortion on-demand and without limitations. 

People of good faith and compassion can no longer defer on engaging in this debate.  We must all be willing to stand for the protection of babies and against the grim efforts to increase the number of abortions in this country.

All four bills have already passed the Assembly and with Senate passage will be sent to Governor Tony Evers.  Despite the unfortunate veto threats from the Governor aimed at derailing our efforts, we will send these morally and legally justified proposals protecting children to him and pray that he will “connect the dots” of life by signing these bills into law.

The bills are (a link is provided to access more information on each bill):


AB 179 – Born Alive Abortion Survivors

-Protects abortion survivors by requiring healthcare providers that are present during a failed abortion to treat that baby just as they would any other newborn.   The bill ensures that protection is available for all babies and that each baby is treated equally.


AB 182 – Sex Selective, Genetic Disorder Abortion Ban

-Prohibits a selective abortion based on a genetic disorder diagnosis.  The bill also prohibits selective abortions based on sex, race, color, national origin, and ancestry of the child.  Ending discrimination against the most vulnerable population in our state is the right choice.


AB 180 – The Woman’s Right to Know Act

-Requires physicians to disclose all possible options to mothers giving them the ability to make an informed and thoughtful decision.  Reinforces statutorily that every woman will receive as much information as possible from their doctor in these situations.


AB 183 – Prevent Taxpayer Subsidy of Abortion Providers

-Directs the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to decertify or deny Medicaid certification to any group or affiliate of an entity that provides abortion services.