UW-Whitewater Declares Students’ Picture Getting a “Facial” as a Racist Microaggression

Nass: Condemns Knee-jerk reaction of highly educated administrators.     

Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater), Vice-Chairman of the Senate University and Technical Colleges Committee, condemned officials at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for declaring a picture of two students getting a facial as “a disturbing racist post.”  The students shared a picture on social media showing them with the facial product on their faces and the material just happened to be black in color.  The posting contained no racist statement and the students are simply standing in the picture.  The picture was posted on Wednesday night (February 17th).

“The racial over-reaction of Chancellor Beverly Kopper and other UW-Whitewater administrators without first checking the facts of the situation is a stark example of how political correctness has warped the mindset of highly educated university administrators.  Frankly, these are the people responsible for educating our sons and daughters, but they seem incapable of applying reason or common sense,” Nass said.

Chancellor Kopper did confirm to Nass that the university re-evaluated the situation this afternoon.  The Chancellor now confirms the students did nothing wrong and will face no punishment.

“UW-Whitewater failed to fully review the picture and its context prior to issuing a racially charged statement this morning.  The official statement misled students, parents, and the public by confirming that a racist event had occurred, even though it really hadn’t,” Nass said.