UW-Madison Uses Tuition Increase to Mug Middle Class Non-Resident Students

Senator Nass:  Chancellor Blank continues her attack on middle class families.

Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) criticized UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank for requesting more than a 35% tuition increase on non-resident undergraduates over the next four academic years.  For next fall, these students would face a massive 11.8% tuition increase and in fall 2016 another 10.5%. 

In dollars, the tuition would go to $28,523 next fall and $31,523 in fall 2016 (these figures don’t include room/board and other fees).  The Board of Regents is poised to pass this proposal on April 10th.

“I opposed the hiring of Chancellor Blank because she had an elitist approach to tuition and this proposal just proves that my initial inclination was accurate.  Rebecca Blank doesn’t care about the plight of middle class students, either resident or non- resident.  She is a clear threat to the Wisconsin Idea of serving students of all economic backgrounds, especially those from the middle class,” Nass said.