Senate Republican Leadership Wrong on John Tate


     Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued the following statement regarding the renewed call for an extraordinary session of the Senate to reject the appointment of John Tate as the Chairman of the Wisconsin Parole Commission:


“I will not defend the failure of the Senate Republican leadership to act on firing John Tate as Chairman-designee of the Wisconsin Parole Commission following the near paroling of wife-killer Douglas Balsewicz. 


On this issue, my leadership is absolutely wrong on the policy, the politics and the morality of their refusal to fire Tate by scheduling a vote on his appointment.  Why is my leadership now part of the process started by the Evers’ administration to victimize this family all over again?


It is a fact that John Tate has refused to resign.  It is a fact that Governor Tony Evers has refused to remove Tate from his position. 


It is now also a fact that the Senate Republican majority is refusing to carry out our constitutional authority based on flimsy excuses.  Those senators advancing such excuses are wrong on the policy, the politics and the morality.


I will continue to support an effort by Senator Roger Roth to utilize a procedural maneuver (Joint Rule 81 – Joint Petitions) to force an extraordinary session to reject the appointment of John Tate.


John Tate must be removed from his position.”