Right to Work Bill - Moving Wisconsin Forward

Senator Nass: Senate Bill 44 will receive a public hearing and committee vote today.

Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater), Chairman of the Senate Labor and Government Reform Committee, assured the public this morning that the Right to Work Bill (SenateBill44) will be the subject of an orderly and thoughtful process in committee.  He noted that the committee will take 9 hours of testimony from both sides of this issue.  The committee is expected to vote on SB 44 shortly after 7:00p.m., this evening.

"Senate Bill 44 is a clean and simple proposal.  The Right to Work issue has been debated for years and now is the time for Wisconsin to make a decision.  I believe every employee should have the right to determine membership in a private organization and that decision should not cost them their livelihood, "Nass said.

Nass noted that federal law takes precedence in determining the exact nature of the relationship between a private sector employer and a union.  However, federal law provides states with the option to enact Right to Work laws to protect the interests of individual employees.  Wisconsin would be the 25th state to enact such a law if Senate Bill 44 is passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Walker.


"Enacting a Right to Work Law in Wisconsin is just another step in improving the state's ability to compete nationally for new employers.  I would also point out that private sector unions continue to exist and thrive in the other 24 states with a Right to Work Law," Nass said.