No Reasonable Excuse for Senate Not to Reject John Tate - Immediately!


     Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued the following statement regarding the calling of an extraordinary session of the Senate to reject the appointment of John Tate as the Chairman of the Wisconsin Parole Commission:


“How many times can state and criminal justice officials fail to protect the people of Wisconsin from violent criminals?  The performance of John Tate as Chairman-designee of the Wisconsin Parole Commission in handling the near paroling of wife-killer Douglas Balsewicz leaves little doubt of his malfeasance in office.


John Tate has refused to resign.  Governor Tony Evers has refused to remove Tate from his position.  Now, Senate Republican leaders have refused to take action that is within our authority.


I am supporting an effort by Senator Roger Roth to utilize a procedural maneuver (Joint Rule 81 – Joint Petitions) to force an extraordinary session to reject the appointment of John Tate.  If a majority of members in both the Assembly and Senate sign the joint petition, an extraordinary session would be commenced on May 26, 2022.  Only the State Senate would actually then convene in session and vote on the appointment of John Tate.


John Tate must be removed from his position.  I will vote to reject his appointment and end his authority on the Parole Commission.”