Nass Calls for Resignations at the State Elections and Ethics Commission

     Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) called for the resignations of Michael Haas (Elections Commission Administrator), Nathan Judnic (Elections Commission Attorney), Brian Bell (Ethics Commission Administrator), and David Buerger (Ethics Commission Attorney) in response to the Report of the Attorney General Concerning Violations of the John Doe Secrecy Orders.

     “The Attorney General’s report leaves little doubt that several staff in the now defunct Government Accountability Board (GAB) illegally abused John Doe powers to target Republicans. Partisan staff at the GAB violated the constitutional rights of dozens to several hundred citizens in order to criminalize being a Republican in Wisconsin.  The conduct at the GAB was so reprehensible that anyone associated with it is unfit to serve at the State Elections or Ethics Commission,” Nass said.

     Nass noted that the Attorney General’s report is consistent with the findings of both state and federal judges that reviewed the actions of John Doe officials.  Both the Wisconsin and U.S. Supreme Courts ruled against the actions of the John Doe prosecutors and investigators.  Both high courts ruled no laws had been broken and blocked any further actions in these matters.    

     “I have absolutely no faith in the ability of these four individuals to serve in an impartial and fair manner.  All four men either participated in the GAB’s improper conduct or failed to comply with court orders in the treatment of the illegally obtained private records.  Worse yet, not one of them ever took action to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens being illegally targeted for partisan prosecution,” Nass said.