Local Public Health Law Must Be Repealed by the Legislature


     Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued the following statement regarding the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s frightening 4-3 ruling clarifying the powers of local public health officials under current state law:


“It is unfortunate once again that Justice Brian Hagedorn joined with the three extremely liberal justices to empower unelected public health zealots with vast powers to violate the liberty and constitutional rights of every citizen in Wisconsin through the fiat of local public health orders.


While this ruling opens the door for extreme abuse by local public health officials in the coming days and weeks, the good news is that the ruling of the state Supreme Court can be overturned early in 2023 by the Republican legislature and a new Republican governor. 


The existing flawed state statutes relating to local public health departments must be repealed and that can only be achieved if Wisconsin has a new governor in 2023.”