Exit Agreement for UW-Whitewater Chancellor – Nothing Short of a Scam 


     Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater), Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Universities and Technical Colleges, was outraged to learn the details of Chancellor Kopper’s exit agreement with UW System President Ray Cross.  The existence of the agreement became known late this afternoon. 


“I have shared my outrage directly with President Cross.  Paying anyone $161,840 with full state benefits to do almost nothing for eight months is a taxpayer funded scam.  This insult to the students, faculty and taxpayers can’t be allowed to stand,” Nass said. 


“As we face the increasing possibility of a recession next year, there will be taxpayers that may lose their jobs in 2019 but be expected to pay taxes and tuition for their kids to finance a former Chancellor doing almost nothing for eight months,” Nass said. 



The agreement calls for:


-Beverly Kopper’s service as Chancellor of UW-Whitewater to end on December 31, 2018.


-UW System will put Kopper on paid administrative leave from January through August 2019.  She will earn $161,840 (prorated eight month equivalent to her full time chancellor salary of $242,760).  She will receive full benefits during this paid administrative leave.


-Kopper will be expected to use this paid administrative leave as time to “prepare” for her return to teaching in the Psychology Department at UW-Whitewater starting in September 2019.


-Kopper will receive a nine month teaching contract running from September 2019 through May 2020.  She will paid $118,308 during that time.