AB 305 and SB 260 – Aborted Baby Body Parts

Nass: Time for Legislature to stop hiding behind leadership and vote

Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater), cosponsor of AB 305 and SB 260, issued the following statement on the announcement by Speaker Robin Vos that he would not schedule AB 305 for a floor vote:

"Not one more step backward. The time has come for the Legislature to establish a state legal standard on the sale and use of aborted baby body parts. Assembly Bill 305 has already been amended in a fair and compassionate manner. I commend the authors, Representative Jacque and Senator Stroebel, for their passionate stand to advance these fundamental human principles.

There are researchers and doctors who have come forward to support the establishment of a morally justified legal standard. These same researchers and doctors have made clear that other techniques exist which would allow for the continued advancement of medical science in a truly ethical manner.

Earlier this year, we heard the same political excuses about repeal of prevailing wage and saw attempts to block a vote. That repeal is now law because rank-and-file legislators fought for the public over the demands of powerful special interests.

I call on the leadership of both houses to schedule a vote on AB 305, as amended in the Assembly Committee. Let each member represent their constituents by casting a vote on ending the trafficking of aborted baby body parts for research."