(MADISON) – The Wisconsin State Building Commission unanimously approved the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UW-RF) request to fund modifications to its Dairy Pilot Plant renovation project. The additional $500,000 in funds will help UW-RF modernize its facility so students can utilize newer equipment donated by private-sector partners.

“I am pleased to support this important project and see it move forward,” said Senator Patty Schachtner (D-Somerset). “The Dairy Pilot Plant at UW-RF has the potential to be a statewide leader in dairy product research and agricultural entrepreneurship. With this investment, the Dairy Pilot Plant can help train the next generation of industry leaders right here in western Wisconsin.”

The UW-RF Dairy Pilot Plant has generated broad support from both private and public-sector stakeholders. Already, the project has received $2 million in private donations, including dairy industry equipment.

Senator Schachtner asked for the State Building Commission’s support in a letter sent to commission members. The letter highlighted the project’s public-private collaboration and its significant private-sector investment.