(MADISON) – Today, several critical pieces of legislation co-authored by Senator Patty Schachtner passed through the State Senate.

“For the people of Northwestern Wisconsin, these bills are critical to supporting our youth, our law enforcement, and ensuring that all of our neighbors can access the healthcare and the EMS services they need. I’m committed to continuing to fight alongside the people of our communities to get the resources we need to build up our infrastructure and ensure public safety,” said Senator Patty Schachtner.

Senate Bill 380 will make sure that telehealth is covered under Medicaid so that those important services rendered from afar are treated the same as in-person services. This critical piece of legislation will also allow Medicaid to reimburse for home or community-based care.

The Next Generation 9-1-1 legislation will allow for development of a grant program that can support our local municipalities in their efforts to improve 9-1-1 system interoperability, response times and location data, and provide better overall service to citizens.  Senate Bill 465 will allow the Department of Military Affairs to utilize $3 million in federal funding that they have already received for this purpose.

The Safe Harbor for Trafficked Youth bill, Senate Bill 49, will ensure that children that are being trafficked and sexually exploited cannot be charged with the crime of prostitution. Currently, children can be re-victimized and charged with a crime they never consented to commit.