Free breakfast program in Menomonie schools Friday morning LG Mandela Barnes stopped in Menomonie to learn about their free breakfast program. Barnes stopped at River Heights Elementary School along with State Sen. Patty Schachtner. During the State of the State address, Gov. Evers announced plans to bolster the farm-to-school program.
Gov. Tony Evers unveils sweeping plan aimed at combating youth vaping Evers has been working on the legislation with Democratic lawmakers Rep. Robyn Vining of Wauwatosa and Sen. Patty Schachtner of Somerset, but said he hopes the package passes with bipartisan support.
Western Wisconsin Senator Talks Mental Health, CWD, 2020 Priorities Voters elected state Sen. Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, after a special election in 2018. Schachtner joins the program to discuss legislation on mental health, CWD, and the rest of her 2020 priorities.
Area lawmakers discuss mental health, workforce challenges State Sen. Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, said mental health crisis beds are one piece of the mental health pie and said significant funding must also be allocated for mental health education and preventative and rehabilitative services.
Senator Schachtner on WPR's West Wide "I think we need all stakeholders at the table to have an informed conversation....we have to figure out how legislators and local governments can come together and find a solution that is compromise-based."
Senator Schachtner responds to over 10,000 Constituent contacts “As a part of this community, I want to make sure everyone’s voice is reflected in Madison. By contacting my office, folks can let me know what issues they’re having and what insights they have on legislation."
Legislation would create timeline, procedure for sexual assault kit testing “These bipartisan reforms will help protect the integrity of our criminal justice system and ensure that survivors of sexual assault are not re-victimized by preventable backlogs,” continued Senator Schachtner.
State officials discuss water quality Senator Patty Schachtner says, “As we are learning more about water quality, the best way to learn is to get all the people that are doing work together and have robust conversations to find solutions”.
Vets Plus Expands Production Plants in Menomonie, Wisconsin “It’s exciting to see Wisconsin-based businesses like Vets Plus expand,” said state Sen. Patty Schachtner. “Western Wisconsin is growing, and continued investment by Vets Plus is a testament to the skilled workers and great opportunities in our region.”
Rape kit testing bill moves forward The other bill requires police and investigators to keep victims appraised on when their kits are being tested. State Senator Patty Schachtner says that’s vital after years of neglect when it came to DNA testing at the crime lab.
Democratic lawmakers discuss “Forward Together” plan Sen. Jeff Smith and Sen. Patty Schachtner, along with Rep. Jodi Emerson, said the plan will focus on the issues Wisconsinites continue to find important and want addressed. Some of those issues include health care access and affordability, supporting our farmers, and preventing substance abuse.
Ag secretary tours New Richmond, UW-River Falls facilities The secretary toured UWRF’s agricultural engineering technology department on Sept. 25. He was joined by Sen. Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, at both stops. “I’m proud of the great educational resources that western Wisconsin has to offer,” she said.
‘Written Off’ shows opioid crisis effect on communities “But for the last two years of his life, Matt told the truth to himself, in two spiral bound journals. He chronicled his daily drug use – sort of like the Bridget Jones of addiction but in cc’s, milligrams and dollars instead of pounds, drinks and cigarettes..."
St. Croix County panel backs differing mental health-related proposals Schachtner said she signed onto the hospital-related bill because there “is not a one-size-fits-all” solution to the problem. “I believe that politics needs to step aside and that solutions need to move forward,” she said Friday.
Wisconsin selected for NIST program aimed at strengthening manufacturing The “home team” will include representatives from the Technical College System, Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Pipe Trade Association, UW Stout Discovery Center and Technology Transfer Institute, OEM Fabricators, Jim Morgan of MRA, State Sen. Patty Schachtner, and others.
Schachtner authors bill to grant sales tax break for gun safes A bipartisan coalition of legislators including Sen. Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, has introduced a bill to provide a sales and use tax exemption for the purchase of gun safes.
Medicaid Budget Differences Draw Attention To Nursing Home Funding "There’s the issue, we have people taking care of our most vulnerable people. They’re not getting a living wage. They are getting state insurance. They’re not getting paid enough to make a living for them and their family," she said.
Somerset brothers receive state recognition for Eagle Scout achievements "It always warms my heart to award citations to young men like this," said Stafsholt. "Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is no easy feat. The hard work and dedication it takes to achieve Eagle Scout is a character trait that will stay with Zachary and Benjamin the rest of their lives."
Barnes visits Burnett County State Senator Patty Schachtner was also at the highway facility on Wednesday. She spoke about the financial impact on local government stemming from addiction and the governmental resources they use across the entirety of the system.
A proper Wisconsin greeting Patty Schachtner said there was one area that was feeling a bit left out - the section on Highway 64 after St. Croix River Crossing travelers enter Wisconsin. The Somerset Democrat said getting a sign erected in Houlton became a priority after she became a state senator.
NR Chamber receives tourism grant for Park Art Fair "Creative initiatives like the JEM grant can help lift up communities across Wisconsin," said Sen. Patty Schachtner (D-Somerset). "I'm pleased to see New Richmond's artists, businesses and residents benefit from this investment."
State officials field nursing home concerns in New Richmond "It's about creating relationships and creating a safe environment for our aging population," she said. Schachtner is one of several western Wisconsin lawmakers who have signed onto legislation seeking to reduce CNA training requirements in Wisconsin from 120 hours to the federal minimum, 75 hours.
Sen. Schachtner touts Burnett County as a “cool spot” for tourism and lifestyle “Burnett County has been my ‘go to’ place since childhood,” State Senator Patty Schachtner told attendees at the Burnett County Tourism Coalition’s (BCTC) quarterly general membership meeting held at Brickfield Brewery last week. “There is so much to offer here.”
A Day in the Life of a School Nurse "As a former school health care provider, I understand that school nurses and health care providers are investments in stronger, healthier communities. I was impressed with Joan's work as a nurse and her work to address hunger through the community backpack program," Schachtner said.
Bipartisan Group of Legislators and AG Kaul Propose Legislation to Prevent Future Backlog of Untested Sexual Assault Kits “As the medical examiner in St. Croix County, I value the quality and integrity of the work completed at our state crime labs,” said Sen. Patty Schachtner (D-Somerset). “These bipartisan reforms will help protect the integrity of our criminal justice system..."
Ribbon cutting ceremony draws crowd in Deer Park Krueger shared that they learned about the grant from State Senator Patty Schachtner’s office. Schachtner was at the ribbon cutting ceremony and said, “I am thrilled that Deer Park was chosen. This is just the start, it is important that we continue to make strides for better accessibility..."
Experts link suicide increase to lack of access to health services These mental health crisis initiatives would provide funding to specific counties in need. Expanding mental health funding is essential, according to Schachtner, because most people struggling to pay for treatment qualify for Medicaid.
Mental health 'most certainly a concern' at UWRF Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes joined state Sen. Patty Schachtner on campus March 18, where panelists shared their struggles and students poised to enter the mental health profession voiced concerns about what lies ahead. Without more resources, "we will not win this fight," Schachtner said.
Bill Rubin column: The right stuff State Sen. Patty Schachtner summed it up best with three terms to describe each of the honorees - resiliency, community building and vision. Add those descriptors to the character traits of test pilots and the resolve of business owners.
St. Croix County targets nursing assistant shortage Sen. Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, said the health care staffing shortage is driven by factors including a Minnesota-Wisconsin wage gap, an aging population and young migration. She said she's reviewing the St. Croix County resolution and proposed legislation.
Tony Evers introduces sweeping $83.5 billion budget plan to skeptical Republicans Sen. Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, said she was pleased with Evers’ proposals for a 10 percent tax cut for working families and to close the “dark store” tax loophole. “Now that the governor has proposed a budget, it is up to the Legislature to meet him halfway,” Schachtner said.
Dunn County supervisors: More dollars needed for child services, nursing homes, courthouse Schachtner said she supported an increase in Medicaid reimbursement — “I’m eager to see what the new budget looks like” — increasing broadband dollars, looking at groundwater programs, adding a third judge and more prosecutors and bumping up child services funding.
Array of issues rolled up in Evers' marijuana proposal Sen. Patty Schachtner said it's not uncommon for end-of-life patients in her western Wisconsin district to have medical marijuana in their system. "We know that we have medical marijuana here already because of access to Minnesota," the District 10 Democrat said.
Battle over Wisconsin's 'dark store loophole' touches New Richmond, Hudson Schachtner cites the League of Wisconsin Municipalities in a news release, saying Hudson residential taxpayers could be on the hook for a 9 percent property tax increase "if the dark store strategy is fully implemented."
St. Croix County calls on lawmakers for mental health crisis issue Schachtner said the problem is no secret to those who experience it directly - law enforcement, hospital staff, social workers, among others. The key to building support at the Legislature, however, won't fall along party lines, Schachtner said.
Schachtner's Shocker in District 10 "I serve everybody," Schachtner said, adding that she's had about 4,000 constituent contacts since taking office and held 10 listening sessions in the district. "We've worked really hard to be engaged with the people of District 10 and I'm proud of that."
Wisconsin Police Officer Honored 6 Decades After Death The cause of death was changed to homicide and after a decade of trying, they got word that Patrolman Murphy’s forgotten sacrifice would officially be remembered. “We made it right,” Sen. Schachtner said.
Lame-duck session bills approved, sent to Walker “We were sent to Madison to represent the people, not undermine their will,” Sen. Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, said Wednesday
Helpline launched to aid Wisconsinites battling addiction “A lot of it has to do with access, you know where do you go for treatment, do we have it locally? Is it affordable?” says Sen. Schachtner.
Doar History Trail honored with state historical marker He fought for people who didn't always get to fight for themselves ... Just as Mr. Doar has permanently impacted our nation, let this marker be a lasting reminder that the fight for fairness, kindness and equality continues on," said State Sen. and Somerset native Patty Schachtner.
Foxconn takes center stage in New Richmond, River Falls Schachtner said her chief concern with the $10 billion Foxconn project, which Hintz said will now cost the state about $4.5 billion, is how accountable lawmakers will be to the legislation, the contract between the company and the state, and the process.
Senate candidates focused on local issues I think it was a reputation that I had established as an active member of the community before running for office because I wasn’t in my plans at the time. I was working as a community service servant. As a medical examiner and a death investigator, I saw what our community needed.
Willow River water trail opens to the public I think the big takeaway today was, there is this multigenerational activity that's available here in New Richmond. Watching everyone's faces and the smiles and the laughter, doing this outdoor activity enhances health, it enhances mental health and the awareness of nature, said Schachtner
Freshman senator introduced to Northwest Passage Innovative programs like the ones provided by Northwest Passage help invest in our kids to be successful human beings. It helps them address trauma so we can move kids away from the pathway to prison and toward living lives of their creation.
Democratic Radio Address: Suicide Awareness As a medical examiner, I work closely with law enforcement to investigate deaths and speak with families. I know that each death by suicide creates a ripple effect that touches family, friends, and neighbors. I also know that these deaths are preventable.
Schachtner receives WITC - New Richmond Distinguished Alumna honor Schachtner is active in the community in many capacities. In addition to her job as state senator and the chief medical examiner for St. Croix County, she has previously served as a school board member, EMT, supervisor for the Star Prairie Township and EMT instructor at the Wisconsin Indianhead Tech
State senator honors Teacher of the Year Noted St. Croix Falls counselor and state Teacher of the Year Mike Wilson was honored again for his efforts and recent state awards prior to a St. Croix Falls Board of Education meeting, as new state Sen. Patty Schachtner gave Wilson a citation honoring his achievement.
Democrats cry foul over reported food stamp-change impact; more state news stories “This bill removes support for the most basic of all needs: hunger,” she said in a news release. “When people do not have access to nutritious food, it becomes much harder to overcome employment, housing, and health barriers.”
'It Can Wait' encourages students to avoid distracted driving Schachtner, who is also the St. Croix County Medical Examiner, said there is "nothing worse" than being called to an accident and knowing it was preventable, due to cell phone use. She challenged students to take the "It Can Wait" pledge.
Sen. Patty Schachtner visits BRIDGE for Community Life "Private public relationships is really the important part of it," Schachtner said, "but we have to really be thoughtful about the reality of public transportation, and it is needed."
50th Anniversary: Photos and quotes from the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act celebration kick-off “[This was a] investment made in 1968 when I was eight, just imagine what it’s going to be like when one of you could be standing up here talking about the 100th. One of you could be there. As grandparents and parents we want you to enjoy the river valley like we did.”
State Senate resolution honors life of Chancellor Emeritus Sorensen The resolution was authored by state Sen. Patty Schachtner, D-Somerset, whose 10th Senate District includes UW-Stout. “Chancellor Emeritus Sorensen was known as a nationally-recognized innovator in higher education,” said Schachtner.
New bill would promise student victims of sexual violence housing assistance, academic accommodations According to the bill, upon receiving reports of sexual violence, UW System schools would be required to notify victims about potential academic or student housing accommodations. “These accommodations are an important step forward to address trauma and help students recover,” Schachtner said.